Opting For RV Hire? 4 Things To Know When Travelling With Kids

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Planning to take an RV trip with your family? Road tripping in an RV is indeed a great way to spend some quality time as a family. Opting for RV hire in Kent is the key to memorable family vacations since kids can spread out and get cosy while parents tool down the road.

Opting For RV Hire Kent

But, are you worried about how to keep the kids safe when travelling in a recreational vehicle? Read on.

Travelling in an RV helps you avoid the long tiring flights, constant moving between hotels as well as the frequent packing and unpacking. These vehicles allow you to bring your things with you as well as have the comforts of home.

Here’re a few useful tips to help you keep your kids safe when travelling in an RV.

RV Hire In Kent: Useful Tips For Parents To Travel Safe With Kids

  1. Consider The Type Of RV

When it comes to ensuring the safety of kids, the type of RV you choose matters. Class B & C Motorhomes are built on the base of commercial type trucks or van chassis with the same cockpit. So, these kinds of motorhomes adhere to similar kind of safety requirements which truck and vans usually adhere to. Check the safety and restraint features which are equipped with the vehicle you are choosing to determine if the vehicle is safe for kids.

  • Ensure Kids Remain Seated

While choosing an RV hire in Kent which comes with all amenities, comforts and room to spread out, it’s easy to forget that you are actually riding in a moving vehicle. Though these vehicles are equipped with the comforts of home, you need to keep in mind that bumps, turns, braking and unexpected movements can cause the cabinets to open or things fall in the RV. So, you must ensure that your kids stay seated when the RV is in motion.

  • Keep Your Children Buckled Up Always

Most modern RVs are well-equipped with secure seat belts in the coach’s living area and they usually indicate the best seats to ride in when the RV is in motion. Seatbelts in an RV can be found either in the cushions of the couch, in dinette area or an RV chair secured to the floor. You need to ensure that besides being seated always when the vehicle is in motion, your kids are buckled up at all times when riding in the living area of your RV.

  • Choose The Right Car Seats

Make sure you follow the recommendations to check where the car seats must be placed and children of what size can ride in a particular car seat. You should even follow the guidelines of the manufactures of the car seat to ensure the utmost safety of your kids. Generally, child safety seats should not be used in seats facing side or seats which may swivel or turn.

Time to rent the ideal RV for your upcoming road trip!

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